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Learn About MIL STD 810F-516

Date: Mar 06, 2013

The Shocking Truth About All the Bumps Your Device Takes.

Ever wonder how all the gear that our troops use is able to stand up to the adverse and difficult conditions in so many hotspots around the world? Well, it’s because it was designed to.

The military brass stationed in the Pentagon have written up military specifications, also known as mil specs, for virtually every piece of equipment that is purchased for use by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. There is a mil spec for everything.

Of course, considering the rough use that military equipment receives, the requirements defined by these specifications are quite rigorous. Over the years, companies that produce high-quality products – even when not primarily intended for sale to the military – have adopted many of the military standards.

For LifeProof iPhone and iPad cases, one of the most important of these is Mil Std 810F-516. The standards detailed in this publication cover a wide range of environmental engineering considerations and lab testing procedures. If you were to read the entire Mil Std 810F document, which is something most sane people never want to do, it would take you a while; it's more than 500 pages long.

At LifeProof, we're concerned with very specific requirements: those that relate to the ability to withstand shock, like when we all drop our iPhones and iPads. The relevant document for this is Mil Std 810F-516. And, to give you the bottom line, our cases will protect your iPhone from drops of as high as 6.6 feet and your iPad from as high as four feet.

While just about all of us would admit to occasionally bumping or dropping our devices, fortunately we don't drop them constantly. This standard requires that our cases protect your iPhone of iPad from those relatively infrequent, non-repetitive shocks that are encountered when handling, transporting and using them.

When you team this shock protection up with the water proof and dust proof qualities of our cases, it gives you the confidence to know that you've taken the right measures to properly protect your equipment.

Putting it all together we see that

  • Mil Std 810F-516 defines requirements for the ability to withstand shocks
  • LifeProof cases meet or exceed Mil Std 810F-516
  • Our cases protect your iPad and iPhone from drops as high as four and 6.6 feet respectively