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Technology is crucial to business success, and successful businesses are quick to jump on board. No longer confined to calendars, clocks and cubicles, smart businesses are making the move to mobile electronics — and staying one step ahead of the competition. And, LifeProof is delivering the safety and security your enterprise needs to keep that mobile investment protected, connected and on the money.

LifeProof for Enterprise


All in a day’s work

Tablets and smartphones are taking care of business


Mobile devices are the perfect addition to any retail environment. From point-of-sale and interactive displays to the fast-food drive thru, tablets are transforming customer interaction and boosting bottom lines. And, thanks to thousands of retail-ready apps, mobile electronics are fast replacing cash registers, POP displays and hardwired terminals.

LifeProof protects mobile devices from the rigors of the retail environment - multiple users, shift changes, field sales, product demonstrations and customer interaction.


Commercial pilots are quick to adopt new technology — flight safety depends on it. And thanks to the iPad, cumbersome paper charts have gone the way of the biplane, giving pilots instant, real-time flight information at their fingertips. With hundreds of navigation, training and flight-specific apps, tablets are making the friendly skies a lot smarter.

Taking the worry out of exposing delicate tablets to the turbulence of flight, LifeProof cases and mounting cradles let pilots pull info out of the blue and bring it into the cockpit.

FIeld work
Field work

When your cubicle is the great outdoors, staying connected is job number one. Field techs, delivery drivers and construction workers rely on mobile electronics to stay mobile, productive and in touch. At a fraction of the cost of ruggedized laptops and costly electronics, iPads and iPhones are the technology of choice for field teams on land, sea and air.

When equipped with LifeProof, tablets and smartphones are prepared to handle the hazards of drops, shocks and spills that field workers come face to face with everyday.


Protect and make the most of your organization’s mobile assets.

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The LifeProof Solution

Getting the most from your mobile investment

The Proof is in the Protection

LifeProof keeps your organization’s mobile investment protected, connected and on the move. Water and drop proof, our cases are immune to the two biggest device dangers in any working environment. LifeProof keeps your mobile assets safe, so you can keep your business sound.

Four Proofs
Four Proof Protection

When it comes to running a business, timing is everything. To make sure your mobile devices keep the pace, protect them with the Four Proofs from LifeProof. Waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof, LifeProof lets you deal with the demands of doing business.

Beyond Protection

With LifeProof, it’s not just about protection. Our cases are slim, sleek, refined and designed to amplify your smartphone and tablet’s potential. Ergonomic to the touch with complete access to every button, control, feature and function, you won’t notice it’s there — until you’re glad it is!


LifeProof in Action

How businesses are using LifeProof right now


Commercial pilot, TR Wright, needs instant access to hundreds of ever-changing charts and maps.

  • Paper charts are bulky and awkward
  • Navigations materials require frequent updates
  • iPad replaces paper but can be easily damaged

LifeProof Solution

LifeProof lets TR Wright bring his iPad on all flights, without fear of it getting damaged or destroyed.

LifeProof Solution


LifeProof cases protected TR’s iPad and iPhone during an emergency landing in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Devices survived impact and 3 hours water exposure
  • TR documented the survival and rescue with his iPad
  • Once rescued, TR used his dry iPhone to call his girlfriend

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