Ready. Set. Let's Go!

How we design for the next big thing

When a new device lands, we know you're eager to get it and get going. And, we're eager to cover it with the best everyday protective case possible — as soon as possible!


LifeProof aims for uncompromising quality when designing a new case. We build to the tightest tolerances, and for our engineers, there’s no guessing allowed. Crafting a case to these standards takes time, planning, and of course, a device to design it for.

Unfortunately, device manufacturers are secretive with new designs — and harsh with vendors looking to steal a peek. Undeterred, some still try, basing their designs on speculation and unreliable information. Not LifeProof. For us, being first in quality trumps being first to market.


When a device is on the horizon, our engineers and designers work furiously to gather any information publicly available. We build mockups and models based on current knowledge, with plans to integrate our newest, most cutting-edge technologies.

After a device’s official announcement, we’re granted access to technical drawings and specs. We carefully study the new device, its design, features and capabilities. Then we plan, build, refine, test and retest until we have a case that exceeds all expectations.


Once we’re satisfied, and not a minute before, the new design is put into production and shipped out. Getting you a case as soon as possible is important. Getting you the best case possible is job number one.

That means a case that’s water proof, dirt proof, snow proof & shock proof. A case that’s as sleek as the device it protects. A case that enhances your device’s every feature. A case that keeps it protected, connected and by your side on your most extreme adventures. And we’re sure you agree — a case like that is worth the wait.

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