LifeProof Maintenance

If you frequently use your LifeProof underwater, it is recommended you perform the following routine on a regular basis or every time you open the case.

All waterproof cases contain seals that require regular inspection and maintenance for reliable results. Even a small amount of fibers, lint, or dirt can interfere with a seal's ability to keep water out. Follow these steps so you can confidently enjoy water activities with your LifeProof.

inspection and cleaning

Make sure that your LifeProof case is clean, as a dirty o-ring covered in dust, dirt or lint can interfere with the water proof seal.
Inspection and Cleaning
Inspection and Cleaning
Inspection and CleaningIf you find a hole, order a replacement here.

water test

This test checks that your seals and case are working properly:
Water Test
Water Test

before you dive in

Before you engage in any water activities, it is recommended you follow these commonsense rules:
Before You Dive In

video instructions

Watch and learn practical tips before you start enjoying freedom with your LifeProof iPhone case.
care and cleaning of your lifeproof case
Opening Your LifeProof Case
opening your lifeproof case
The Water Test
the water test
LifeProof Case Installation
lifeproof case installation
Want to learn more? Check out the User Manual to learn everything you need to know about your LifeProof iPhone case.