People say I sound muffled, that I'm in a tunnel or there's an echo.

Last Updated 10/25/2012 3:37 pm

We have found that a small number of people calling someone who has LifeProof'd their iPhone have difficulty hearing the LifeProof talker on regular phone calls. Fortunately, the cause is very simple and so is the fix:


The microphone has a special thin vent that keeps the water out but allows sounds to pass. This normally works perfectly and allows crystal clear calls. However, with some cases when the air trapped in the case causes a positive pressure, the vent is puffed outwards by air pressure a little and then it stretches out to touch the little protective grills (Keeps foreign objects from damaging the sensitive vent) in the bottom of the case. Sometimes the vent then rests against these grills after being stretched to that position and then cannot vibrate correctly to transmit the sound to the iPhone microphone – causing a distant, thin, tunnelish kind of voice to be heard on the other end of a call.

Simple Fix

  • Look at the phone front-on as you would when you are about to start an app. The microphone port is the hole on the bottom of the case to the lower left of the home button and left of the charge port.

  • Blow hard into the microphone for about 3 to 4 seconds. The sufficient effort require is akin to blowing a candle out.  You could also pretend you were blowing up a balloon by sealing your lips over the hole and then blowing.

This air pressure will push the vent away from the protective grills and liberate your iPhone to crystal clear sound on video recording and phone calls again. You may (or may not) need to do this from time to time if large air pressure changes cause the vent to flex to stick to the protective grill again.

Also, remember to always thoroughly shake water out of the vent area after being submerged because trapped water in the protective grill will also attenuate the sound.

If this doesn't fix the problem, contact LifeProof Customer Support.