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Living Proof

A LifeProof case is for Every-day, Every-where and Every-thing. It provides sleek, refined, convenient and unobtrusive protection against every-day hazards, so you can take your iPhone with you wherever you go.

But don't take our word for it... Here are testimonials from a few of the myriad satisfied LifeProof users.

  • Not Broken

    I was walking into the gym and put the LifeProof iPhone armband on my left arm without the phone in yet. I tripped on broken sidewalk, landed on my left arm and shoulder. If the LifeProof iPhone armband was not on my arm to break my fall I would have broken my shoulder. Thank you LifeProof for making such a strong and durable product! - Kimberly Holland

  • Puerto Rico

    I like exploring the nature with my children, especially at sea because we live on an Island. With LifeProof I can capture those moments of fun and share them instantly. - Jose Sanchez

  • Spring Cleaning

    My LifeProof case has saved all of my iPhones. iPhone 4, 4S and now my iPhone 5.  I am an avid outdoor person who uses my phone for everything: compass, GPS, flashlight, swimming, off road, and ATV. In this particular picture I sent you I was off road on my ATV, I had my phone in my cargo pants pocket, when I rounded the corner a rather large mud puddle was in my way, I got through the puddle but my phone was nothing but a mud pile.  What better way to clean it since I have used it in the bath, pool, lake. The dishes have to be cleaned and so do my LifeProof case. - Maury Moss

  • My Phone in a Puddle

    I love my lifeproof case! I have two young children who love playing on my phone and I don't worry about it at all when they have it. I am also extremely clumsy and have lost many phones by accidentally dropping them in water. Now I don't have to worry about that either! I love being able to answer my phone with wet hands when I've been washing the dishes instead of searching for a towel to dry them off before I can answer. I even text and play candy crush in the shower and tub. It has saved my phone so many times already! I love it and plan to get one for my husband's phone as well! - Lindsey Austin

  • Dawning of a New Day

    The photo was taken with my LifeProof case at Seaford Beach in Victoria Australia on a very warm summer morning. The water a lovely 20 plus degrees and a great way to start the morning and reflect on how blessed I am in the love of have of family and renewal of spirit of a new day. The colours are truly magical and fills ones heart with warmth and love. - Jon Inch

  • Under the River

    I use my case everyday I work on the St. Lawrence river on Boldt Castle so I need a rugged and waterproof case! I also like taking pictures underwater while fishing to see if I can see any fish. Other than that it's an amazing case to be able to use while fishing! -Damian Dorr

  • Story of my Life

    This photo was taken in South Padre Island, TX on the beach while I swam in the ocean and lounged on the beach. I had no worry that it would be ruined by water or sand because it was protected by the trusted LIFEPROOF case! - Reynaldo Soto

  • Nüüd in the wild

    In Louisiana, summers are notoriously hot, muddy and buggy! We tend to spend a lot of our time outside, in and around pools. However, winter sometimes cools us off just enough to enjoy a campfire as we take off for a weekend getaway! This is where LifeProof comes in...winter, spring, summer or fall, rain or shine, no matter where we go or what we do, I am assured that our iPad and our iPhones are safe and secure in their LifeProof case! - Amy Thibodeaux

  • Whistler

    This photo was taken with a life proof case that I've had for over a year now. The case is so convenient for trips like this. This photo is of my little brother and I on Whistler Mountain's Family Run. Thanks to my life proof case for allowing me to capture such precious moments like these. - Noelani Enos

  • LifeProof in Fish Tank “Because I can”

    I am an active individual and I love my phone. I have launched my phone across the parking lot while getting out of my truck, a couple of times. I video/photograph my daughters in the pool and at the beach in the ocean. I run 1/2 marathons with my phone strapped to my arm. I take my phone everywhere I go and I know it can handle any situation I put it through thanks to my LifeProof case. This is my second LifeProof case (1st iPhone 4S now iPhone 5) and as long as I have a phone I will trust LifeProof to protect it. - Curt Mickle