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Living Proof

A LifeProof case is for Every-day, Every-where and Every-thing. It provides sleek, refined, convenient and unobtrusive protection against every-day hazards, so you can take your iPhone with you wherever you go.

But don't take our word for it... Here are testimonials from a few of the myriad satisfied LifeProof users.

  • Full Capacity

    I love being outdoors – kayaking, boating, fishing, trekking, you name it – and I need a waterproof and shockproof iPhone case that I can trust to stand up to whatever conditions and activities I throw at it. I pair my Lifeproof case with the Lifeproof Lifejacket Float when I’m in my kayak, so even if my phone accidentally falls over the side, it’s not going to sink to the depths below. The photo here was taken on one of those rare days where everything just goes how you want it to go: the sun was shining, the fish were everywhere, and there were dolphins swimming all around me.  Thanks to my Lifeproof case, my iPhone worked perfectly even though it had been splashed with water for hours, allowing me to get photos of my day’s catch and video footage of the dolphins around me, along with being able to track my distance covered using a GPS app. - Ronnie Watts

  • Mudding with LifeProof

    I use the case to the fullest extent, and it never ceases to amaze me with how well it performs. This photo was taken deep in the woods, while riding quads, it's leaning against a Yamaha Blaster, and sitting next to my helmet. All I can say is I may have got my quad stuck in the mud, but not my LifeProof!" -Frank Pitt

  • Blowfish

    I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas last year. My friends and I were walking past a local and his kids on the beach. His daughter saw us and said, "Look! Look what my dad has!"; lo and behold he was holding this poisonous fellow. I wasn't as fearless as him to have it in my own hands. It was, however, incredible to be inches away. - Arthur Sadler

  • Swimming with Sea Turtles

    I have used my LifeProof case while swimming with sea turtles in Barbados, snowboarding, working in the machine shop, and performing daily activities. What a great case! Stylish, sleek, slim, and the perfect texture to not get caught in the pocket. Full protection. I couldn't ask for more. -Taylor Cox

  • Color Me Rad 5K

    I love taking pictures but didn't want my iPhone to be ruined. So, I asked a friend who had a lifeproof case to borrow it. I ran the race and was able to capture every moment with my phone! -Madeline Williams

  • Baby proof…for the most part

    While it might not say it is baby-proof, it seemed like a better option than most of the other cases out there. My daughter absolutely loves playing with our phones, so there have been times where she has absconded with it and sat in a hidden area to play with our phones. She pranked called a few people before I set a passcode lock on my phone. To add to it she is a teething 1 year old that chews on EVERYTHING. It does not matter if it is you, a phone, keys, or something else, anything is free game. I love this case because it comes in nice, bright, attractive colors can be waterproof, and pretty much impact resistant. It has survived through temper tantrums, teething, beating on the floor, stepped on, and so much more that I cannot think of right now. My husband's case has endured that plus the rigors of going to the field frequently as an active duty marine. By far the best purchase we've made to make our phones last a little longer than they would have using anything else. -Kelly Klupp

  • Dirty? Simply rinse it off!

    I love my LifeProof case. I've had it for a year and my iPhone would be dead without it. It's super useful in the shower when I'm listening to music or even on rainy days, daily runs and washing the dishes!! It's the best! I can't wait to buy more colors for this summer! -Dee Byrd

  • Diamond Head - View from the Sea

    I had taken some photos of Diamond Head from land, but wanted one that was unobstructed by buildings and people. It was a rainy day in paradise but I wasn't going to let that stop me from getting out in the water to get the shot. I was confident because I had my iPhone 5 in a LifeProof case - and good thing too because when I initially tried to get on the inner tube, I flipped over and completely submerged the phone. Once I got myself up on the inner tube I paddled out and got the shot I wanted.

    Thanks LifeProof for giving me the peace of mind to get this shot. -Mike Gin

  • In Deep S*** (Snow)

    I live in an apartment. So to relieve my dog I will take him out for walks four to five times a day rain or shine. A few weeks ago during a large Colorado snow storm the duty called for my dog. So, I bundled up to bear the storm, put my iPhone in my jacket pocket and ventured out into the brutal but beautiful winter storm. Little did I know during our walk my iPhone fell out of my jacket pocket. After hours of searching to no avail on hands and knees through the snow I gave up. One week later (on my Birthday) after the snow had melted my dog Hendrix and I took the same route that we had taken that snowy night and thankfully stumbled upon my phone in a wet dirty puddle of mud. I brushed it off, took it home to recharge and it worked as if nothing had ever happened to it. THANK YOU lifeproof for birthday present and making such an amazing product. -Richie Barney


  • Don’t Ride Without It

    Let's roll

    I am a native of Arizona and love the outdoors (even when it is 117 degrees!)  I stay active whether I am mountainbiking or hiking plus I want to instill into my children that life is more than video games or watching TV. I started mountainbiking for fun a few years ago. In 2012 I upgraded my cell phone to an iPhone and really wanted a protective case. I did an internet search and LifeProof was at the top. So I checked it out and there was no second guessing. I ordered the case plus the handlebar mount. Arizona is dusty and besides that I have done my fair share of crashing. My iPhone has always come out unscathed, unlike me.  I see a lot of water photos with the LifeProof case so I wanted to share the bike mount. I run an app to record my rides and its nice to have my phone in front of me and not buried in my pocket or hydration pack. Thanks for a great product! -Wendy Dunn