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Date: Apr 22, 2013
Be Aware –Summer Heat may Leave You High and Dry without an iPhone.

Leave your iPhone in the car on a hot day and you could find it locked down with a temperature warning screen message when you get back. The iPhone's official storage temperature range is between -4º and 113º F. And, Apple's recommended operating range is between 32º and 95º F.

The best thing that can happen if your phone gets substantially overheated is that it will lock itself up and tell you that your ‘iPhone needs to cool down.’ Extreme heat is especially bad for iPhone batteries. In the short term, heat can make them drain much faster, and over the long haul excessive heat degrades battery performance, leading to early battery replacement.

On sunny days, the interior of a car can easily reach temperatures far above 113º F so, leaving your iPhone in a car on a hot day spells trouble in the short term and when it is done repeatedly. And, it can lead to more severe performance and maintenance issues in the long run.

There are additional conditions that can get you into ‘hot water’ when it comes to your iPhone and heat. Even if the ambient temperature isn't above 113º F, leaving your iPhone in direct sunlight can cause it to overheat, too. Also, combining a warm day or direct sunlight with a graphics-intensive application, such as GPS navigation or a game, can cause an iPhone to overheat.

Hot iPhones – and we aren't talking about stolen devices – go into a safe, cool-down mode. When this happens the device might be totally disabled or just partially disabled. For example, if it occurs when using GPS navigation, the screen would shut down but voice navigation might still be available.

The cool-down mode generally reduces power so signal strength can be weaker and functions like the iPhone camera flash would be disabled. Sometimes, even if the iPhone seems to have shut down, users can make emergency calls.

Here's what you need to remember:

• The maximum storage temperature for an iPhone is 113º F
• On sunny days, car interiors can easily exceed 113º F
• High temperatures cause the iPhone to go into a cool-down mode
• Cool-Down Mode can make the iPhone inoperative
• Long-term exposure to high temperatures degrades iPhones