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Watching Movies Outdoors with an iPad

Date: Mar 11, 2013

Why Pay $20 for a Coke and Popcorn?

Once an American cinematic staple, the drive-in movie theater has gone the way of dinosaurs, bell-bottoms and Pong. Losing those big outdoor screens and their parking lots to farmers markets and swap meets is a little sad, but fortunately today we can watch great movies on our iPads wherever we are.

Even better than those oversized projector screens, watching movies outdoors on an iPad improves the quality of the movie, lowers the cost and adds to the convenience. But of course, anytime your iPad leaves the comforts of the living room there is the constant threat of device destruction. So, make sure your device has the proper level of protection to withstand the rigors of outdoor movie viewing with a LifeProof case.

A LifeProof case for your iPad, along with an account to stream or download top movies is the inexpensive ticket to hours of great outdoor movie watching. Plus, the quality and clarity of the iPad screen with our "naked screen technology" make the movies almost leap off your iPad. Honestly, even the top movie theater digital projection systems can’t make films look this good.

Watching movies on iPads means that members of the digital generation can take their favorite flicks with them wherever they go. If you're heading out on a camping trip, family vacation, long haul flight, or anywhere else, you have hours of entertainment queued up and ready to go with just a touch.

Add in the water, dust and shock protection you get with a top-quality LifeProof case and you can watch the latest releases without worry. Whether you're sitting poolside while kids swim or you’re tucking your iPad into your backpack as you set out on an overnighter with the local hiking club, you can bet your little theater is protected.

It’s also important to mention the high-level video quality that the iPhone delivers as well. Not only is the iPhone the best communication device in the world, it's like having a personal cineplex in the palm of your hand. With a rugged LifeProof iPhone case, a great set of earphones and a good movie, you can be totally entertained no matter where you are on the planet.

The lights, the camera and the action:

• iPad video quality is virtually unsurpassed
• Downloads and streaming accounts bring top movies to the iPad
• LifeProof cases let you watch movies outdoors with a iPad
• iPhone video is like your own personal cineplex