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Date: Apr 22, 2013
Getting Prepared for that Rainy Day.

It's one of the most confusing and dreaded questions in modern life and we have to face it whenever we buy electronics: ‘Would you like to buy the extended warranty for that?’

What's the right answer? It's like standing next to the roulette wheel at a table in Las Vegas wondering if our number is going to come up. We understand that overall, extended warranties are profit makers for the insurers. Then again, we know that we tend to break things. So we need to figure out if it's worth buying iPhone damage insurance and if so, what's the best phone insurance on the market.

The first thing to understand is what is covered under standard AppleCare for iPhone users. New iPhones come with warranty protection that covers materials and workmanship flaws for one year. Accidental damage is not covered. Users also get 90 days of technical support under the warranty.

AppleCare+ is Apple's extended warranty – it adds two years to the standard 1-year AppleCare – and it also gives users a certain amount of coverage for accidental damage. It costs about $100. In addition to that, there's essentially a $50 deductible for incidents that require replacement or repairs. Finally, only two replacements due to accidents are permitted over three years.

iPhone cellular carriers offer plans as well. They generally range from $7 to $10 a month and cover accidental damage...sort of. The monthly fee is not the only cost involved. Replacement iPhones typically run an additional $200. Third party insurers have plans that cost as little as $129 for three years, but there's also a deductible that costs around $50.

Finally, as you're weighing the costs and benefits of your insurance options, consider how long you plan to keep your phone. If you upgrade every two years or sooner, a three-year plan doesn’t make sense.

LifeProof iPhone cases are a better ‘plan’ to insure the safety of your phone. Not only do our cases protect your phone, they extend its utility. Even the best phone insurance can't enable your iPhone to capture video underwater! And, if you check the bottom line, you'll find that one of our cases is less expensive than any form of iPhone damage insurance.

Put the pieces together to discover:

• Standard AppleCare doesn't cover accidents
• The extended AppleCare+ is expensive, has added fees and covers a limited number of accidents
• Coverage from cellular providers is very costly
• Third Party insurance has an initial cost plus a deductible
• LifeProof iPhone cases do a great job preventing accidental damage and extend utility