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Case Study

Emergency Landing

See how one pilot survived a water landing with his devices intact

LifeProof for Business

LifeProof keeps your organization’s mobile investment protected, connected and on the move. WaterProof and DropProof, our cases are immune to the two biggest device dangers in any working environment.

Featured Products

Retail + Restaurant

LifeProof protects mobile devices from the rigors of the retail and restaurant environments.


LifeProof cases and mounting cradles let pilots pull info out of the blue and bring it into the cockpit.

Field Work

When equipped with LifeProof, devices withstand the hazards of drops, shocks and spills.

Tools in Action

“We deal with dust, moisture, grime, dirt, paint, grease, just about everything. The Lifeproof will protect your most valuable tool.”

Case Study

Class is in Session

See how LifeProof makes digital learning engaging and enduring

LifeProof for Education

LifeProof keeps your schools’ mobile investments protected, connected and in the classroom. WaterProof and DropProof, LifeProof-protected devices are safe from the two most prevalent device dangers in the learning environment.

Featured Products

In Class

LifeProof cases let teachers focus on kids and teaching — instead of worrying about devices.

At Home

LifeProof keeps tablets protected from the biggest device danger of all — kids on the move.

On Campus

LifeProof takes devices from the office to the classroom to the playground and back — without worry.

Tierra Bonita Elementary

“LifeProof protects the school’s investment and allows students to safely use iPads in class and at home.”

Case Study

Disaster Response

See how one physician stays connected during catastrophes

LifeProof for Healthcare

LifeProof keeps your organization’s mobile investment protected, connected and on the move. WaterProof and DropProof, our cases are immune to the two biggest device dangers in the clinical environment.

Featured Products

Hospital + Clinic

LifeProof protects devices from the pitfalls of multiple users, shift changes and quick response times.


LifeProof cases let doctors, nurses and clinicians focus on the patients and the task at hand.

Ambulance Services

When equipped with LifeProof, devices are easy to clean and fortified for hostile environments.

Dr. Dan Diamond

Dr. Diamond counts the LifeProof FRĒ as part of his standard equipment when he’s working in the field.

Case Study

First Responders

See how the Seaside Heights Fire Department stays connected in the field

LifeProof for Government

LifeProof keeps your agency’s mobile investment protected, connected and on the move. WaterProof and DropProof, LifeProof-protected devices are shielded from the two most prevalent dangers in the field.

Featured Products

Fire Department

LifeProof protects your mobile assets, so there’s no cause for alarm when the alarm sounds.

EMT / Paramedics / Search & Rescue

LifeProof lets rescue workers focus on the response — instead of worrying about the device.

Police Mag

“I probably dropped the thing 10 times onto carpet, hard tile, hard wood, asphalt, and cement…it just keeps iPhoning.”

The Unwired Medic

“…the LifeProof case is perfect for emergency responders. It’s an investment that will save ruined phones, and also help save lives.”

Tax Exemption

LifeProof gladly facilitates tax exempt purchasing for orders over $500 via assisted sales from our dedicated account team. We cannot process tax exempt orders online at the moment. Any organization placing orders online will elect to forfeit tax exemptions.

Organizations seeking tax exempt purchasing privileges must first fill out the form below or call for assistance. Upon receipt of the completed form, requests go through a review and approval process. Tax exempt status is granted when everything checks out.

Designed to Strict Specifications

two meters waterproof

Water Test

All cases are factory water tested. Then random units undergo additional inspection, including a 2nd water test. Cases that pass are shipped. Cases that fail are scrapped.

You can be certain your new LifeProof case is leak free. We made sure of it!

military standard protection

Military Standard 810G-516.6

The US Military Standard for drop and shock protection. It requires that your LifeProof case physically withstand the drops, fumbles, vibrations and bumps you encounter day to day.

Your new LifeProof case prevents the number-one cause of device damage.

ip-68 ingress protection


The international standard for Ingress Protection (IP). 6 and 8 are the highest ratings for solids and liquids. IP-68 rated cases withstand circulating talc for 8 hours and water immersion to 6.6 feet / 2 meters for 1 hour.

No doubt about it. Your new LifeProof case keeps water, dirt, dust and snow out.

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Every Case Water Tested

*Please contact for details

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