Living Proof

A LifeProof case is for Every-day, Every-where and Every-thing. It provides sleek, refined, convenient and unobtrusive protection against every-day hazards, so you can take your iPhone with you wherever you go.

But don't take our word for it... Here are testimonials from a few of the myriad satisfied LifeProof users.

  • Battle of The Elements

    I did a trail half marathon and it was absolutely miserable! On the way there it started pouring, so everything was wet (and that water and dirt mixture turned into some *awesome* [very sarcastic there... in case you didn't catch it ;)] thick, slippery mud. To top it all off, it was mighty hilly and humid. The course was super technical; with roots, rivers to be crossed by balance beams, etc. Hey I may have struggled in the elements, but my LifeProof (and phone) were having the time of their life on this adventurous run :)
    LifeProof: 1 Elements: 0.

    ~Madison McNees

  • Labor Day Fun

    Over Labor Day, me and a group of friends decided to go to a quarry and swim. This is a huge place to swim and is so deep in some parts that you are required to swim with a floatation device. As I was floating in the water, taking pictures of my friends doing their tricks off of the small cliff.  Someone landed in the near me and the wave almost knocked me off my noodle. In this process I dropped my iPhone 4S into the water. As I began to panic and search for it, I realized the water was too deep and merky to see it. My friends tried calling it so that it would light up and be seen but it didn't happen. A very nice gentlemen offered to dive down and see if he could find it. He had on his diving gear and a gauge on his watch. He went down one time and came back up after about 25 seconds saying that the water was really deep and he didn't know if he could find it. But he went under one more time. After an entire minute he came up out of the water with my iPhone in it's pink LifeProof case!! Although I was somewhat relieved, I was nervous that nothing would work. He handed it to me and I immediately pushed the home button and EVERYTHING WAS WORKING! I could hear everything, get/make phone calls, lock my phone, control volume... everything! The guy told me that he was so surprised that it was still working and when I asked him why he told me that his watched measured that the phone was 17 feet down in the water!! My LifeProof case saved my phone!!

  • Rock Solid

    While on a training trip with the Navy, I went to Tahoe to rock climb on our day off. During one of my climbs, my phone fell out of my pocket at about 80 feet. It dropped approximately 50 feet, hit a ramp where the rock came away from the wall, and fell another 30 feet onto some boulders.  After I finished the climb I found my phone nearly scratch-less minus a minor scuff on the case. Thanks Lifeproof! ~Joseph Arrington

  • 3 Months Underwater!

    The craziest thing just happened to me!!! On a vacation in July with my friends I dropped my phone in the river while tubing, and I couldn't find it and thought I had lost it forever. Apparently, someone found my phone washed up on the shore and was able to contact my mom since my phone was in a LifeProof case and it still worked! I honestly can't believe my phone survived 3 months in the river! 

    P.S. Yes, that is my phone in the LifeProof case on the tube right before it fell in the water! :(


    ~Katie Reny

  • 230 Foot Drop

    My boyfriend, Lavoryn, went to take a picture of us on the Hiawatha Trail and dropped his phone off of a 230 foot train trestle. He and his brother-in-law climbed down the mountain to try and find it. When they reached the bottom we did a reenactment with some canned oysters to try and locate the general area of where the phone might be. The reenactment worked and they actually found his phone! Crazy! The phone and case were both in PERFECT condition. This is a picture looking down from the trestle and they are the two black dots in the middle. Thank you for your amazing product LifeProof! You literally saved us hundreds of dollars!

    ~Jessica Krulitz

  • LifeProof in Disney World

    On a recent family vacation to Walt Disney World, FL, my daughter who has an iPhone 5s in a LifeProof case was getting off the ferry in Epcot and while walking on the dock she dropped her phone and the phone bounced of the wooden dock through the railing and into the lake.  We were all in shock! We contacted the boats captain who contacted the boating manager of Disney World.  We informed the manager of where the phone was dropped and that it was in a LifeProof case.  He told us that the depth of the water was between 5-10 feet and the phone may be lost but he would call out a dive team to look for the phone in the morning.  We lost the phone in the early afternoon around 2:00 PM. 

    Morning comes and still no word, so we proceed with our vacation and we were on to the next park.  We received a voicemail (on a different cell phone) around 2:00 PM the following day from the boating manager stating that they had found the phone and it would be waiting for us at our hotel front desk.  When we returned to the hotel we asked about the phone at the front desk and they retrieved it from the safe.  To our surprise, after being submerged for close to 24 hours in 5-10 feet of water the phone was in perfect working order!! A little dirty from the mud at bottom of lake but it worked and the Disney World staff even charged it up :). 

    My daughter was truly the happiest person on earth for the rest of the trip.

    Thanks you Disney World boating and most of all LifeProof for making an amazing product.  We are customers for life!!


    Thanks again,

    Greg and Samantha Lodge

  • Surviving Snowmass, CO

    Joined the University of Minnesota snowboarding club for their annual skiing/snowboarding get-a-way to Snowmass, Colorado on January 4th, 2014. This was one of the best trips I've ever been on and I took lots of pictures! Until my LifeProof protected phone fell out of my pocket on Long Shot, the longest run in Snowmass! My LifeProof case was hard to see as it was the same color as the snow and in a dense area of trees. I made an optimistic prediction (very jokingly) to my friends back at our cabin that maybe a hiker will find it in the summer while hiking through the mountains. They had a good laugh and said there was no chance and that it was gone. I eventually got a new phone and a new LifeProof case the next month in which I have been using until now. But then last week I was walking home from class when I had a call from someone in Colorado, so I checked the voicemail. It was a guy named Matt and he had happened to find my phone while on a hike with his girlfriend. The chances seemed astronomical to even think if someone did come across it (on one of the longest/largest ski runs in North America), that they would actually be nice enough to send it back. He sent it back to me and I received it in the mail today. The phone works the exact same as it did before and I was able to get all my pictures back from that memorable trip. All thanks to the LifeProof case!


    ~Tayler Vetsch

  • Horses & Horses, oh my!

    I HAVE to have a phone case that will withstand everything that I go through! This is being dropped from horse height, being stepped on, dropped in dusty arenas, riding in the rain, withstanding hot weather and can handle being dropped in water... a lot! It's great to have a case that is all around a great case and that will hold up to some pretty tough stuff! I never worry about my phone anymore!!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!!


    ~Sammi Schoenthaler

  • LifeProof: Not just the brand name.

    February of this year I lost my iPhone 5 while snowboarding. It fell out of my pocket into the snow. I spent the remainder of that day looking for it and unfortunately was unable to find it.

    4 months later after changing temperatures countless times and the snow finally melting off, this June, I went back up to the ski area where I had lost it and went hiking along the runs since I had a general idea where it had fallen from my pocket. Much to my surprise, it was still there. I found it laying on the ground on one of the runs that I had taken that day.  My highest regards to LifeProof, it still works. I have not noticed any problems with the phone what so ever when it comes to it working. The only thing that I have found faulty with the phone is a few areas of the screen that have a slight discoloration (some lighter and one patch a bit darker than those around it). Though after sitting under snow, water, and ice for 4 months and going through temperatures from below freezing to 60+ in the sun it doesn't surprise me in the least. These spots are minor enough that after looking at the phone for a couple of seconds you don't even realize they are there just like normal scratches/dust/dirt on the screen. Most of the time you can't see them depending on what image is on the screen. As to the actual working of the phone, no issues at all that I have noticed. 

    Kudos LifeProof, I put your case through a test far beyond your guarantees, to a point that everyone I have told is surprised that even with a LifeProof case it survived and still works so well. And you passed with flying colors. Worth every penny.

  • Sand Proof

    I’m deployed on the beautiful waterless beaches of Kuwait, just kidding its a desert. On a daily basis there are 30-40 mph sand storms with 120 degree temperatures. I have the LifeProof Fre case for my iPhone 5 and it’s amazing. I have not had any problems at all. The heat and the sand storms here destroy everything,  but this case is out of this world. Thank you very much for engineering such a great product!

    ~Ilya Barankevich