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How do I use LifeProof in snow?

Last Updated: 10/25/2012 8:59 pm

Although LifeProof is designed and tested to military specifications, you should not intentionally drop your case or subject it to harsh treatment as you may get unlucky and accidentally exceed the ability of the LifeProof case to protect your phone.

Also, it is possible that shock damage to your iPhone is cumulative and an accrual of impacts that may cause failure down the road. Think of LifeProof as an airbag to help protect your iPhone when accidents happen.

Treat it respectfully and with care and it will provide a long and reliable life.

If your iPhone screen makes contact with a hard object at velocity, the glass may become damaged. After an impact or significant shock, inspect the LifeProof and ensure the entire case is undamaged - no cracks, deep scratches, dents, or rips in the silence switch boot or touch screen.

If either the front or back of the case is damaged you can order a replacement part from the LifeProof website at

If your LifeProof case has experienced a very severe impact or if there are visible minor dents or scuffs we recommend performing a water test again without the iPhone to ensure all protective capabilities are intact.