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How do I get rid of Newton Rings (or the "rainbow effect")?

Last Updated: 12/28/2012 12:54 pm

Newton Rings, commonly known as the "rainbow effect", can occur with any case where the screen protector is not adhered to the phone screen itself. The good news is that this effect is completely natural and has a couple of easy fixes:

  • We suggest going to a cool air-conditioned area (low humidity), opening the case and then keeping the phone and case parts in the air-conditioned area for about an hour to dry out any humidity.Use the cleaning cloth provided in the package to thoroughly clean the screen and phone (no cleaning fluids).  You can breathe on the case or phone with an open mouth just before wiping to create a little condensation which assists cleaning.

  • You could also try a very fine puff of baby powder (with all the powder vents closed) from high above the screen protector (on the inside of the case) to allow the faintest, virtually invisible layer of powder to settle on the inside of the screen protector. If you get too much on, wipe and blow it off, then try again.