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如果我们的话还不足以让您相信…… 这里有客户评价,来自无数对LifeProof满意的用户。

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    on the lake

     I live on the lake and spend as much time on or in the lake as possible, whether on my boat or kayaking.  Now I don't have to fear my phone being damaged by water, something I never thought would be possible.  The lifeproof case is so thin and light that most people don't even recognize that it's a waterproof case.  It is so much more comfortable to wear on my belt every day as compared to the otter case I had previously and now I can take it in water without fear.  I am going to buy the float for it so I don't have to worry about it hitting the bottom.  This case fits my lifestyle perfectly and I would highly recommend it.  It might be pricey but to me it is well worth the cost.  I love being able to have my phone with me in my favorite places without fear of it being damaged.  Looking forward to taking it to the beach as well, now I won't have to worry about sand infiltrating my device either.