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The Sound Enhancement System

Date: Mar 15, 2013

Hear the Thumping Bass Riff and Your Baby’s First Words.

The iPhone – at its Apple core – is a device built around sound, despite all the cool apps and capabilities that make it the world’s smartest mobile device. It may be hard to remember now, but the iPhone’s origins sprouted from the ingenious idea to combine a cellphone and Apple's iPod, which was then the premiere portable music player in the world…and still is.

So, what do a cellphone and an iPod have in common? In one word: sound. Users of both devices want the best possible sound at all times. Apple has done a remarkable job of engineering excellent sound into such a small device. The job of any company that manufacturers protective iPhone cases is to not mess that up.

At LifeProof, our Sound Enhancement System goes further than any other case maker in delivering you the optimum sound quality from your iPhone 5.

The LifeProof frē for iPhone 5 features ports for the iPhone speakers that have been totally re-engineered. They pump out the maximum sound output and deliver sparkling clarity. By channeling sound through the back of the case, LifeProof is able to give you more bass and clean up the mid-range frequencies as well.

When you're on the phone, even the soft voice of your youngest child will be heard loud and clear. And, when you've downloaded some new tracks, you can enjoy them exactly as the artist meant them to be heard.

The thing that makes this an extraordinary accomplishment is that while you're enjoying the terrific sound of your iPhone 5 in its LifeProof case, it is still waterproof, shock proof, dust and dirt proof and snow proof. That means the sound gets out, and the bad stuff stays out!

Now, not to pigeonhole anyone, but it's safe to say that most iPhone users are active people, heavy cellphone callers and big-time music lovers. With the LifeProof frē they, get a case that makes the best use of the iPhone speakers in a super slim case that delivers a level of protection that would have been impossible to imagine not too many years ago.

Here’s the sound-off send-off:

• iPhone speakers are critical to using and enjoying the device
• LifeProof has engineered a superior sound system into the frē for iPhone 5 case
• Our system delivers conversational clarity and excellent music reproduction
• LifeProof cases are always waterproof, shock proof, dust proof and snow proof