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snapguide app for iphone

Apps We Love: Snapguide

You can find info on just about any activity you’d ever want to do online. If you’re a fan of learning new activities, there is plenty of stuff to sift through online to find what…

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how to shoot the lunar eclipse on an iPhone

How To Shoot a Lunar Eclipse

Fans of the night sky have been in luck this year; earlier in the year there was a meteor shower and now we have another full lunar eclipse on the way tonight. These full moon…

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Apps We Love: Fall Hiking Edition

Photo Cred: Graham Mackenzie Stores are already carrying Halloween candy, which can only mean one thing — fall is coming (well that and the fact we need to start planning our costumes so we don’t end…

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hyperlapse video app for iphone

Apps We Love: Hyperlapse

If you’re a regular Instagram user, then you’ve probably already heard about Hyperlapse. This brand new short form video app has been generating plenty of buzz and tons of praise. Hyperlapse allows you to create…

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Portable Wireless waterproof bluetooth speakers top rated

Turn Up the Jams with these Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth® speakers are everywhere. Some are water-resistant and many come in a variety of shapes and colors. We’ve put together a list of some of the top rated Bluetooth speakers on the market that fit…

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Sporty App for iPhone

Apps We Love: Sporty

Fall weather means fall sports like pick-up games of football in the park and maybe a little 3-on-3 at the local basketball court. If you’re looking for a way to get out there and play,…

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TBT Throwback Thursday Car Phone Vintage Technology

Throwback Thursday: The Car Phone

If you were a kid in the 80s or 90s, you might have seen one in real life —  a seemingly ordinary telephone mounted in a car. Maybe you even placed a call from it….

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Back to School apps - blog post by LifeProof

5 Best Apps for Back to School

It’s a bummer that summer is over, but back-to-school doesn’t have to be a downer. While transitioning back into a tight schedule — where the majority of time is spent in class — might be…

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World Photography Day 2014

LifeProof’s Tips and Tricks for World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day! 175 years ago today, the art of documenting and preserving memories with photography was patented and shared throughout the world. The first photographs took several minutes to expose and the…

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