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Q&A With Tatiana Weston-Webb: #LiveLifeProof Ambassador

At only 18-years-old, Tatiana Weston-Webb has won many accolades in the pro-surfing world. But what is it that drives her to keep going? What is it that inspires her to #LiveLifeProof? We had the chance…

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The 4 Most Extreme Hikes in the U.S.

Hiking can be a time for quiet reflection and leisurely exploration — a time to stop and listen to the birds chirp or the cool breeze rustle through the trees. Other times, it can be…

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Pumpkin: October’s Favorite Superfood

As soon as September rolls around, pumpkin is hard to avoid. It’s the like unofficial mascot of fall. Plenty of things are pumpkin flavored from lattes to yogurt to beer but is actual pumpkin good…

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Subwing extreme sports

3 Extreme Sports That Feel Like Flying Part 2: Subwing

How long can you hold your breath? When you sign up to subwing, you may want to know your limits exactly. This fascinating new sport allows you to swim and fly at the same time….

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LifeProof at the Rocky Mountain National Park

Exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park

Last weekend I decided to take advantage of the perfect fall weather and make the trek up to Estes Park, Colorado, and then on to the Rocky Mountain National Park. If you’ve never been to the Rocky…

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how to shoot the lunar eclipse on an iPhone

How To Shoot a Lunar Eclipse

Fans of the night sky have been in luck this year; earlier in the year there was a meteor shower and now we have another full lunar eclipse on the way tonight. These full moon…

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top 4 fall climbing destinations

Four Fantastic Fall Climbing Destinations

It’s the beginning of October and that means fall is in full swing. But just because the warm weather is winding down doesn’t mean your outdoor adventures have to. Fall is a great time to…

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Apps We Love: Fall Hiking Edition

Photo Cred: Graham Mackenzie Stores are already carrying Halloween candy, which can only mean one thing — fall is coming (well that and the fact we need to start planning our costumes so we don’t end…

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garage storage hacks to try

5 Garage Storage Hacks You Need To Try

The garage can be more than a storage area; it can be a sanctuary. The garage is where people build their workshops, work on projects and keep their outdoor gear. With all its functions, a…

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