IRONMAN Andy Potts

Ironman 2014

At LifeProof, we sponsor athletes that are passionate And who believe that the proof is in the life you live. This weekend, we are standing behind Andy Potts as he competes at IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene.

Andy Potts is one of the most versatile athletes in the world. In 2003, Andy was named the USAT (USA Triathlete) Rookie of the Year and was awarded a spot on US Olympic Team for the 2004 Games in Athens, Greece, where he placed 22nd overall. He has won numerous medals and races and in 2008, he finished 7th and was the first American finisher at the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii.

Hopefully, with a strong race this weekend, Andy Potts will race on to the IRONMAN World Championships later this year, with his sights set on victory and the title of “IRONMAN”.

…While I have enjoyed each success along my journey, I continue to test myself to get the most out of my abilities.

Good Luck Andy!!! Your LifeProof sponsors are cheering you on.

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